Machines for concrete industry



SAL-product is Tampere based company that designs and manufactures machines and equipment for concrete industry. With our machines our customers can produce various types of precast concrete elements.

Tilting table mold for the production of Sandwich-type precast concrete units

SAL-tilting table is designed for the production of sandwich precast concrete units. The mold can naturally be used for the production of other types of precast components too, such as divider walls, elevator shaft units and balcony units.

The casting surface is made of wear-resistant steel plate that ensures high quality surface of the end products.
The tilting table is provided with a hydraulic tilting device and a device for concrete compaction.

The flexible side-form solution of the SAL-tilting table enables its use for the production of precast components of various sizes and shapes as well as various types of surface structures. Thanks to this advantage, targeted architectural diversity can be achieved in any building project. Tilting table mold can be used both in serial production and in production of frequently changing product assortment with various sizes.

Battery mould for precast concrete units

The battery mould is designed for the production of precast concrete partition walls and boundary components in vertical position. Battery moulds are available in two different types: single-sided and double-sided.

The mould consists of a fixed support wall, and one or two movable support walls as well as movable divider walls.
The walls move on rails installed on floor. Movable walls are moved either manually using a ratchet or by means of electric motors installed in movable support walls.

The fixed support wall and the movable divider walls are equipped with bottom and side forms. Intermediate forms are delivered on request. The fixed support wall is provided with pulling cylinders that keep the battery mould together:
- a single-sided battery mould has two cylinders
- a double-sided battery mould has four cylinders

The casting surface is made of 8 mm thick wear-resistant steel plate. Necessary heating pipework can be installed in each wall.
The heating medium is fed in the mould through flexible hoses.
The mould can be equipped with automatic control of heating.
For the compaction of concrete, the mould can be provided with high-frequency vibrator motors. Concrete can also be compacted by means of a poker vibrator. The mould is provided with a hydraulic unit. Mould functions can be operated by radio control.

Transport cart 

The cart serves for the transfer of the end products. Load carrying capacity of the equipment in the picture is max 50 t. The transport cart can be equipped with a catwalk.

Alternative cart drives:
- electric motor
- steel rope pulling / winch-driven

Lifting beam

The lifting beam serves for handling and transport of precast concrete products. The lifting accessories are attached to the lifting ears. Optimal lifting balance for various product sizes is obtained by adjusting the distance between the lifting ears. The length and the load carrying capacity of the lifting beam are defined by the customer.